Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stress and more stress…

I am slightly overwhelmed at life just now, not only am I trying to book flights to NZ, trying to secure venues for Edinburgh, trying to rehearse my play for next week AND try to be me for a few days and all I can do is sleep.
I love doing the comedy workshops for kids in Drumchapel, it really is so rewarding. Those wee teenagers really throw themselves into the improv exercises and take part in every scenario we give them. I will miss them when it all ends.
I feel ragged and tired and can’t seem to get on top of everything at home, the ironing has come to resemble Mount Killimonjaro and the windows have so much dirt on them I think a dense fog has landed on Glasgow ever single morning when I try to look out into the street.
So tonight I am going to bed early to sleep more and try to be rejuvenated for tomorrow.


Wac said...

This is my first time scrolling through the blogs. I liked what you said so I comment.

First, why is the Drumchapel job ending. Second, ironing is best done by a drier, then hung right after the cycle is over. Third, do you ever tour the US? Ever at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina?

I was there just last friday, and damn, the headliner sucked. I dont even remember his name, not that it makes any differance. Im sure he wont make it in the world of stand up.

Crap, now Im ranting. Good luck!


Wac said...

Never call charlotte a fine city, because it isnt. Email me anytime. Waccomaco at yahoo