Sunday, February 19, 2006

Groucho Club and fun…

Well I have finally broken my ‘I don’t drink’ statement, ok let me make this very clear, I choose not to drink alcohol as I don’t like being that drunk feeling BUT Monica and I went for a night out to the famous Groucho club in London. It’s an exclusive private club that is mainly attended by the TV, media and film people.

I love it there and the place is really nice to hang out in, no mad London tourists, no crazy buskers or half naked girls trying to fuck a footballer, just nice interesting people who like nice places….and to network.

So I decided (why?) to have a gin and tonic, an occasional drink is cool for me and I like to have one now and again, but after four gin and tonics, I was giggly. Which didn’t seem to bother me, but I felt a wee bit dizzy….anyway we chatted with Jude Law, Ben Chaplin and a few other famous actors who either Monica or I knew through our work connections, she was having a natter to a couple of journalists also. So the company was good, the drinks flowed and I staggered slightly for the first time in years…Monica laughed her ass off at me, she is a bitch!

We had a great time and the guys famous or not were great form and you do forget that you are chatting to really popular people and end up talking about mundane stuff and sharing wee stories. I decided enough was enough and I needed to go home, not until I hit the fresh air did I feel the full effect of the alcohol and getting a taxi was a fucking nightmare, but we made it and I finally got to bed and just lay there watching the ceiling spin.
Ok Jude Law would have made that a more exciting time…but alas…I am married and he is not really into dating older married fat women…

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