Thursday, February 09, 2006

Am in Leeds…

I have been so bloody busy, I have had not one minute to blog, but finally am here in Leeds. I am staying at the K-Space apartments as I detest hotels now; I have had my fill of them. Serviced apartments are the way to go, this wee solo flat is cool. As usual I am staying around a building site (everywhere I go in England its being developed!) but the flat is nice…really helpful guy called Steven met us and greeted us…makes a difference.

The new teeth are nice, I am still not used to having a full straight smile of white teeth and I can’t stop staring at them! Now I have noticed my wrinkles, double chin and may have to get plastic surgery to make me look pretty! I am JOKING!
I read with horror Madonna’s article in Elle magazine, she says “I don’t like being this skinny, but all the men I have dated including my husband Guy like me very thin, so I starve myself to look how he desires me, I prefer a bit of meat on me, but Guy hates it”
Well, there we are, well done Madonna…I am sure even your kabala people will love that you starve yourself in case you are not loved. Surely if her religion is that strong to her soul, she would not give a flying fuck what a mere mortal thought of her body and she would have the religious security in herself to be who she wants to be….
I can just imagine loads of young women reading that article and reinforcing this current trend we have for young females risking their own well being to stay dangerously thin.
You only have to look at Victoria Beckham to see how far this trend has entrenched itself in the 21st century, the irony is, despite Victoria starving herself, her husband fucks other woman. There is a lesson there for us all ladies!
Eat cake –get laid.

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