Sunday, February 26, 2006

Newcastle and people…

I was nervous about being in the car and being driven a distance, but I was ok in the end. I need to get over the car crash and get on with my life. I had an odd gig in Newcastle, I addressed a group of Aspergers sufferers and their partners, my husband has mild Aspergers syndrome and talking about my experiences was actually good. The people their apparently enjoyed the talk as well and I got to answer some questions about my relationship living with a man.
Then I went to the Literature and Philosophy Library to take part in a panel discussing ‘Comedy-what’s the Point?’ that was really interesting to hear peoples view on what they thought of live comedy. Later on we did a comedy gig in the library and that was awesome…being surrounded by all that history and architecture, millions of books and huge paintings getting to tell jokes and share funny stories…really odd space to work in.
There was a huge leather topped table, so I just climbed onto it, sat down and chatted with the microphone.
There were a few philosophers in the crowd and we had a bit of a banter…which was really good.
I love my job and need to stop worrying and being stressed, husband gave me a big talking to about my constant fretting, he made me sit down and go through my diary and helped me book five train and three flight journeys, helped me organise my diary and told me to share the problems more and stop shutting everyone out to deal with things myself.
I have resolved to share my work load and get into problems that get me down and in future, make sure that stuff that is worrying me will be talked about…maybe it was me who had Aspergers and not him?

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