Saturday, February 04, 2006

London Aberdeen and the Brit Awards….

So I went to Aberdeen, did the gig came back to the tiny bed and breakfast that had more rules than Barlinnie High Security prison. I stayed awake as I had a 6am flight to go to London to take part in the Trisha Goddard Chat show on UK national TV in UK.

The show was a one off special about child abuse, I was on to talk about my book and my own past abuse as they wanted someone who was a ‘survivor’ on the show and that was my role. I was so very tired when I got on the plane at 6am. I sat beside a chatty woman and I wanted to kill her “So what do you think of hardcore fisting porn?” I asked her and she never spoke the rest of the journey. That’s works every time.

I was so tired when I got off, but my hair was perfect as I had spent the whole night fussing with it when I had nothing else to do in Aberdeen. My driver was there to take me straight to the TV studios, I got there, was welcomed in, got the make up girl in to literally paste me in her entire collection of face colourings, then got changed into the nice outfit I picked and then almost fell asleep.

I was getting worried as the TV Company had not received my book so I called my publisher and they biked one over, it came just in time for the filming.
The show went up and there was a few women on talking about their sexual abuse experiences, it was heart wrenching. I then got my moment to talk about my life, my book and Trisha was awesome. What a lovely woman.

So then I left the show and was whisked off to the amazing flat in Westminster ( I will never stop bigging up these apartments and will be in Dumase’s debt forever for her constant help, she is the sassiest chick in London).

I promptly fell asleep at the flat and woke up to about fourteen fucking annoying phone calls, but one was amazing I have been invited to the VIP party of the BRIT awards, these are the UK’s premier Music Awards….am so excited.
Maybe 50 cent will be there and ask me to marry him or at the very least casual sex?

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