Friday, February 24, 2006

New Laptop and Sexy Men…

Well, here I am on my new laptop, after all the shit of broken pc; I went out today and bought a new one. It took hours to load it all up so am sorry I have been away for a few days, not my fault…pc problems!
I am off tomorrow to Newcastle, I am doing workshop thing during the day for Aspergers Syndrome help group, as my husband has Aspergers, and boy is that fun?
So I have been exasperated by the antics of my main home computer, it broke six weeks ago and now they STILL haven’t fixed it, so much for PC services, they are about as fucking useful as blind window washers; I hope they all fall into the sea with the stress they have caused me.
My new teeth are still looking good and one unexpected bonus is that I can no longer bite my nails as they will snap my veneers – so for the first time in my life I actually have nails. It feels so very weird and I am scratching everyone and everything as I go about my daily business.
I did get an apology from British Airways, they sent me a bog standard letter of sorry-ness, which to be honest will never make up for the nasty way I was treated by that angry woman at 5am in Glasgow who is the supervisor called Lillian…God knows she must need a hug after the way she behaved. I will NEVER fly BA again and would urge everyone who gets treated badly to complain and vote with your cash. I did tell the customer services woman (who was very nice) that I will be putting it on my blog which gets LOADS of hits daily…so I did it!
Mind you I have had a great week, what with hob nobbing with Mr Clooney and Jake Gylenhall… who am I to complain about anything?
Oh News just in…recent pictures in the press reveal that Kiera Knightley’s new boyfriend is her co-star from Pride and Prejudice –‘Rupert Friend’.
In Edinburgh fringe 2002, Rupert was starring in a play called ‘Kassandra’ with a cool crew of actors, Rupert was lovely and we became mates, in fact on my daughters bedroom wall is a picture of Rupert dressed in US Marine clothes holding me on stage as he carried me off after my last night show…he is gorgeous! I had him first Kiera!

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