Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Book has been re-printed again...

I am off to London tomorrow to take part in ‘Funny Women’ show at Café Royal in London’s city centre. I asked Random House to supply some books to sell at the venue but I just found out my book ‘Handstands in the Dark’ has sold out…again!
I am well chuffed.
Today I went into town to take back a bra I bought yesterday, something strange is happening to my body, I have lost weight around my ribcage area but my cup size has gone up…like I need bigger boobs! Please -I am now 36E that is evil…I am too small to carry those jugs.
I have packed my bag, am off to shave my legs (I have hairy-ness akin to a Brazilian footballers legs, I swear to God if I run the hairs trail behind like bicycle streamers).
I am also considering moving to London for three months in September, nothing really happens here in Scotland and I do need to stay down there to maximise on my career. This worries me slightly as I don’t want to uproot my family, my daughter is at Uni in Scotland and husband will not want to move away from her for that length of time….so I have a lot to consider.
Meanwhile if anyone reading this has a cheap flat for a short let, do let me know, though the great people at Crown Lawn are looking after me and they are the best possible people. I just feel that I may need something cheaper…
I am hoping this will be my year. If not? Then nothing ventured nothing gained, I don’t want to die and wish I had taken some chances.

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