Friday, March 17, 2006

Mini Disc Hell…

I have loads of Sony mini discs with shows I recorded onto them , loads of live shows and I thought this was up to the minute technology, turns out that the mini discs cannot be uploaded onto my pc as they can only be listened to, the Sony Sonic Stage software people called me today after my extensive problems, they told me the news that the mini discs are useless to upload, I even found a big petition on the web to Sony as it is them that will not develop the software to allow us to utilise our recorded data.
So therefore I have full shows on mini discs that can never be broadcast. I fucking hate Sony, I was going to upload some of my shows onto LIVEDIGITAL alongside my videos, but no can do.
So I will have to find a corrupt way of doing it, for I shall not be beaten!

I am slowly getting over my cold/flu; I did the Glasgow Comedy Festival Pub Crawl last night. The flu was making me shiver as I dragged my sorry ass from bar to bar with a cheery and fucking awesome crowd. I had to do comedy standing on a small table in one bar and in another bar I decided to pretend I was ‘special needs’. I watched all these nice people make sympathetic faces as I rambled on, my pub crawl people knew I was ‘in character’ and we laughed so much, you have no idea how much shit you can get away with if you have learning problems. I know this will evoke anger and annoyance in some people but I play this character in a sketch show, so I was just taking the character to new areas of comedy.
Today I have stopped coughing and peeing and am patiently waiting on my period arriving….if that fails to show…I will throw myself of the highest building in Glasgow.
Pregnancy is neither desired nor fucking convenient right now; if I cannot download my shows I am not downloading a baby….that’s official.
My software will not allow it, and I am staying away from hardware in case I have this scary situation again…I am too old and too busy to be dealing with this…where the fuck is the control/alt/delete button on my ovaries?

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