Sunday, March 12, 2006

Human League is awesome…

I attended a private party on Saturday. A 40th birthday was being celebrated and 80’s pop giants Human League were the stars of the show. I got up and did some stand up before they came on, I could see many confused people looking at the stage saying “The bloke from Human League has got long hair and looks like a wee fat woman”
The crowd were really not expecting me on to be honest and I performed throughout the dessert part of the meal, but it did go fine and to say I shared a stage with Human League was awesome.
The party was held in a huge ware house in Darlington; it was all lit up and made very swish. We had chauffer driven cars to take the party goers to and from the hotel. It was really nice and I had a great time. I will load up some pics soon.
The journey by train was tedious getting home; snow is beating the countryside again.
So here I am home again, waiting for the next train ride/car journey/flight…

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