Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am sneezing snot…

I sneezed and snot flew all over my pc screen. There were big streaks of it and it looked like the map of Norway. I want to die…I cannot believe how fucked and miserable this virus is making me. I was on BBC Radio 7 today, I tried to not cough and sneeze or pee…it was horrid. I finally managed to get through the whole show without making a big ass of myself.
I went for a coffee after the show and sat in my local bar chatting with some of my old mates. My hair looked like I had been brushed backwards by an angry special needs person and I have a red nose that makes me look like a special needs person.
Life is getting a bit hectic but I am on top of most of it, I have almost got the posters organised for NZ and need to get the ones done for Edinburgh Fringe.
Are there any poster designers out there?
There is so much more to be done and I have just organised a short run at the prestigious Soho Theatre in London’s West End. They called me yesterday to offer me the slot and now I have some of that organised. Thanks to the wonderful John Fleming ( guy who helps me daily with PR and TV ideas and is currently trying to join a witness protection scheme to get away from me as I slowly turn into devils spawn!).
I have a temperature and the nasty sticky feeling down my back is making me heave.
I am getting some rehearsal space organised for my play and the sketch show that Ashley and I are planning.
I am sorry I am grumpy this past week but when my period arrives and the flu fucks off…I will be as happy as H R Puffinstuff!

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