Monday, March 20, 2006

BBC Radio show…

My initial feelings this morning were ‘Don’t wake up’ but I managed to drag my ass out of bed and onto a train to Edinburgh to take part in radio café, a BBC Scotland show. The producer had been along to the Drumchapel workshops and had previously interviewed the kids I had been working with in the ‘Comedy with Confidence’ course.
My daughter Ashley had also been there that day and had made a presentation about being a stand up when she was 11 years old, to help encourage the teenagers with their performance. The show was really well done and to hear my daughter speak well and informative was heart warming, she never even rehearsed her speech and it was very well done, I am so proud.
The BBC loved the piece and has asked Ashley and I to make a recordable blog for broadcast from our trip together in New Zealand! I am well chuffed. They said we work well together, well they never saw her at two years old refusing to use a potty or at three trying to pull out my eyelashes as I slept. We work well now I suppose.
I am very proud of her and still can’t believe that funny girl is mine.
The train journey home was cool; I walked to the train station and took in the absolute beauty that is Edinburgh. During the Edinburgh Festival, I never really get time to enjoy the city, am always stressed about audience numbers, reviews and general performance stress. This time I looked around at the awesome buildings that dominate the city scape, that huge lumbering castle that stands high on the rocks above the train station, the Scott Monument that pokes the skyline with its jagged architecture and let my eyes take in the green mossy giant that is Arthur’s seat.
It really is the most beautiful of sights and I can see why people come from all over the world to visit the city. We Scots do take it for granted; we have buildings there, and buildings that I have performed in, in that city that are actually older than America! Beat that!
I love Edinburgh, I am proud of Scotland, we don’t all deep fry chocolate bars, we don’t all take heroin and we are not all alcoholics’.
Just some of us….mostly people I know…but we are not all mad nutters.

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