Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sorry I have been away...

Sorry I have been away…
So London is alive and well and so am I. Things have been odd, the gigs going well, meetings going great, had a TV company call today about possible interesting venture. Just got the news that I am confirmed for the New Zealand Comedy fest, I want to take Ashley my daughter with me as she will make a documentary of the whole tour and that’s going to be so good. I won’t be lonely as she is great company. I am so lucky my girl and I have a great relationship, she is nineteen and gorgeous and talented! She is also in this business and we are both developing a sketch show as well…so that will awesome.
I miss her so much when I am away; she really does make me laugh like no one does. We are going to travel across the world together and that’s a special thing to do with her. She helps develop my act and directs me as well…she can be awfully critical but that’s how honest we are with each other.
I was out last night with Monica, we celebrated both our birthdays belatedly…we went for dinner and stuff, it was fun.
My teeth whitening things is sore, I can tell you. That bleach stuff I have to squeeze into those wee rubbery moulds that I insert into my mouth as I sleep HURT! Husband will love it as I can’t speak when they are in…he is fucking happy.
I have made many friends through the world on my blog and that’s amazing, like my mate Curry who is Iraq keeps in touch and Steve in Mombassa, Leighton, Surrogate and Lady G and Paul and John in NY and all the rest (sorry if I missed all the names)…you have no idea how happy it makes me to have all these people write to me and make me happy when I am lonely or down. THANKS!
I am writing tonight. So I best be off and get back to my real job!

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