Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Big Night Out….

So I am lying on the sofa chatting to newly arrived husband (he came to London with the promise of kisses). Monica calls and says “Do you have your BAFTA dress with you?” I listen and think and say “Yes actually I do, I brought it with me so I can buy shoes to match in London”
She then says quickly “Good, get it on we are going to a charity ball tonight, Ewan McGregor, Sharleen Spiteri and all the big stars are having a Burns Night ball and I have two tickets!”
So husband is abandoned and I am standing here in a fancy frock (not tartan though!) and waiting to go to a ball!
I can’t believe how quickly I got ready and neither can Monica she called me and said “Have you got your make up on?” I quickly put down my lipstick and replied “Yes”, “Ok put more on all over again because you never wear enough and your strange face eats it, apply it again and see you soon”.
So I am looking at myself and am sure I look like a marionette!
I am looking forward to my big unexpected night out…..husbands kisses will have to wait….tell you all tomorrow if Ewan McGregor asks me to go Paris, in the springtime with the warm wind in my hair.

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