Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Me and famous people and my minge

I was onstage tonight at a special gig, where Random/Ebury had invited all the major booksellers along to meet the authors. The gig was at a London comedy club where I normally perform, so it was cool for me. I was worried though as I imagined in my head that I needed to get these people to get the essence of me being a comic yet having written quite a moving sad book about my difficult past, so they could sell it on to the public and that would be hard.

There were also really famous comics and media people there and I was second on. Mark Thomas, Rhona Cameron, Julian Clary and Pierce Morgan were standing around, I was getting nervous. As soon as I hit the stage and took the mic it all went great, I managed to make them laugh and understand what the book was about.
Afterwards nice people who loved my bit came up and chatted about how they would be interested in having me come to their store to do signings and events.

I was so happy it worked, as soon as I relaxed and chatted with people, I ended up talking to this slim well spoken guy who was telling me how much he laughed at my stuff, so I told him a big story about how my daughter went on stage last year at the fringe and told everyone that I had grey pubes! He laughed aloud and we joked more and I got a wee bit more outrageous and told him some of the ‘can’t be printed illegal’ tales of the crooks I knew in my pub.

He told me he had written a cook book for Ebury, I asked his name and he told me Tom. I liked him he was funny, it wasn’t till later I found out he is Prince Charles’s step son – he is Camilla Parker Bowles’s son Tom!
Holy Fuck I had told the Heir to our Nations Throne’s stepson a joke about my minge.
Oh well…the other good news is my article that I wrote for London’s Time Out magazine came out today and it looks awesome!

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