Saturday, January 28, 2006

Late Nights and Comedy Fun….

Had a great gig last night at Laughing Horse Wimbledon, nice crowd there every time I go I love it, except I gave husband all my cash before I left as he was going up to Camden to meet his pals, I knew it would be fine as I was getting paid at the gig and I haven’t been to the bank. Anyway after the gig I was paid in a cheque! Fuck I was penniless! I had to SKIP the train back and plead “I lost my ticket” when I came to Waterloo, the guy believed me (I am such a liar) and then I went to a late night party with Monica. I could have gone to a bank and withdrew cash on my card, but fuck that.

So I get to the party and it was in the most amazingly decorated architecturally wonderful house…of course the guy’s are gay that designed and own it…but wow! The light switches have IPOD controls that pipe music through the whole house! I WANT THAT…how cool? Anyway I stayed out very late and fell into bed in the dark, with full make up, half dressed!

Woke up this afternoon and got freaked as I felt a big man lying in bed beside me, his leg wrapped around mine all hot and hairy…and then remembered husband is here!
I actually got a fright; I thought “Who is that? Why am I in bed with a man? Did I pick up a gay boy and make him straight last night? Did I finally bag 50 cent?”
“Janey, you ok?” Husband asked quietly.
“Yes, I just forgot you were here” I answered
“Well who did you think it was, do you normally wake up with strange men?” he asked me.
So that will be the tone set for the day! I should learn to shut my mouth.

I have a one woman show tonight, so I best go and get myself a shower and straighten my head out. I am old and tired, no more partying for me.

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