Thursday, January 26, 2006

Night Out was awesome….

Well there I was dressed up in my BAFTA dress (this is a frock I bought for BAFTA awards in Feb-that is the British Version of the Oscars!). I thought I looked smart, but the dress had a low V cleavage and the necklace I wore has thick silver strands that dip straight into the valley of my boobs…this concerned me as it looked like your eyes had to follow the chain straight into my breasts!! I was so self conscious of it all night, despite people telling it looked fab.

The Burns night for Charity was so good, 25th January celebrates Rabbie Burns a Scottish poet I am sure you are all familiar with; we eat haggis and recite Scottish poems, all good fun.

When we arrived at St. Martins Lane, the paparazzi were all over the pavements taking shots of the very rich and famous, Monica and I caused a wee stir as the photographers heard our Scottish voices, then on looking at us realising we were not famous they promptly ignored us… I stood there and shouted “I am Prince Williams girlfriend, don’t take photos of me!” The guys just laughed.

When Monica and I got there we met first Duncan Bannatyne, he is a self made millionaire and all round entrepreneur who stars in a UK TV show called Dragons Den. The object of the show is for new entrepreneurs to impress the five millionaires with some innovative business scheme and get their financial backing. I do a joke about it in my act and I did this for Duncan who laughed and enjoyed the piss take of it. He is a really interesting funny Scot to meet.
We had drinks and then we all had to go through to the main room for dinner. I did get to chat to Ewan McGregor, Sharleen Spiteri, Jamie Theakston and many more famous and interesting people! What a great night out.
I knew Jamie from last years Edinburgh fringe, we met and chatted one night at Gilded Balloon Bar, he is so lovely and very very tall.

We even got a great goodie bag on leaving which included a signed copy of Ewan and Charlie Boormans book, a signed copy of Texas CD, a Cashmere scarf, some lovely aftershave and lipstick…it was just great fun.

I love London.

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Marsha said...

I've never been to a fancy affair of any kind. Very cool.You looked really nice.