Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Today is the Day

I am up and ready for my big show tonight at Cochrane Theatre, I am worried a bit as I don’t ever seem to have a format for my show and it’s a big two hour show! I have had period pains and horrid stomach problems but I am good to go.
Last night was good fun, I went to the 606 jazz club in Chelsea and the music was amazing! The old guy from the Average White Band was on stage and afterwards he came over for a quick chat, turns out he is from Glasgow and he asked me “Where are you from?”

“The Calton in Glasgow” I replied.
“The Calton? Tongs Ya Bass!” he laughed.

Now that made me laugh out loud, as Tongs Ya Bass, is the gang war cry from the Calton, my part of the East end of Glasgow! It was really funny to hear this older man say it out loud in Chelsea! Especially after he had been playing the most sensuous slow jazz!

My life is good, I got to hear great music again and last week of course I heard Courtney Pine and Roachford play in a studio at BBC…I am so lucky.
I am a bit stressed today and complained to husband for breathing loudly…that’s not a good sign this early in the day.
We leave tomorrow at 10am as I have a show in Glasgow tomorrow night, I cannot even begin to worry about packing, and that usually stresses me no end, but I will manage, I am so relieved that the people at Crown Lawn gave me this apartment, I owe them so much I may have to donate my eggs to them. Thanks all you people at Crown Lawn for the amazing stay; I am in your debt. Normally I have to stay in shitty smelly hotels, but a marble palace with an indoor swimming pool? I am a princess! The Christmas tree downstairs in the reception hall is beautiful and cheered me up every time I walked into this building.
I will try to write more tonight after the show and we can see how it all went, if it was shit I will tell you all trust me…the truth is always here with Godley.

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