Monday, December 19, 2005

Sexy Headaches and radio shows

Today has been good fun so far. I had a great gig last night at Edcomedy up in Foresthill. Lovely wee room and run by good people, the only problem is I had the start of my legendary ‘only in London’ migraine that lasted all night and most of today. Today was good publicity wise, I got a great mention in the Guardian Guide as the pick of the month comedy for my show at Cochrane Theatre on Tuesday night and today on Open Book Radio 4 my autobiography ‘Handstands in the Dark’ was mentioned on the list of ‘Best books of the Year’, then tonight on Channel 4 I was on ‘The 100 Greatest Christmas Moments’…so all in all it was good!

All that stuff is good. The weird thing is when I saw my fat face on TV I recall thinking at the time that my hair was nice but wow it looked fucking horrible! Why is that? It’s the same when you look back on old photo’s from the 1980’s, I thought I was terribly sexy but now I see a strange woman in a tight red dress with packed footballers shoulders, wearing a sharp red pillbox hat teetering about in black stiletto’s…what was I thinking? Joan Collins of Glasgow?

I went to see my husband’s lovely old aunty Nellie today; she is 93 years old and lives near London though she is 100% Glaswegian. It was so very funny, she has reached an age where being diplomatic means zilch, that combined with a history of ‘Who gives a fuck what I think’ mixed with a small does of forgetfulness and the results are near legendary.
When she saw me her first words were “Your fat, do you know that you are fat and by fuck you’re old as well”.
I laughed loudly at this as she meant it and I loved her sharpness, I had mates calling me to say that they had just heard my book being praised on the radio and in the background aunty Nelly was shouting (she is deaf) “You would think you would stop eating and maybe run a comb through that messy hair”…my mates were pissing themselves laughing, so if at any point all this publicity goes to my head aunty Nellie will be there to remind me of my life time of failure in the weight and hair department! Classic!

Tomorrow I am up early to get everything ready for Tuesdays show, I need to sit down and work out what I am doing as it’s a two hour one woman show, to be honest I kinda wing it most of the way, but I need to prepare some stuff I suppose.

I also want you people to know that I do get your comments, but as my blog is syndicated to nearly 40 different blog sites, it isn’t easy to collect your comments as I have blogsites that don’t have ‘comments alerts’ on them and so I have to actively go through every site that I belong to and search for your comments to reply to them. So please don’t think I am ignoring you. If you ever want to contact me you can email me at
Have a good night all!

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