Friday, December 02, 2005

Good Gigs and Good People…

I had a good night performing for Shawhead Nursery, all the money went straight to the kids Christmas presents. It wasn’t a Cherie Blair charity gig either; expenses were paid by me, I hate when people say they do charity and then charge rail fare and taxi’s etc… They are good people up at Shawhead and they really do care for their local school and nursery.

We drove straight from there to JoJo Sutherland’s gig in South Queensferry, what an amazing wee picturesque place! The beautiful big Forth Rail Bridge as a backdrop to the lovely wee harbour village was just eye popping.

JoJo Sutherland is such a good female comic, she really has come on leaps and bounds, mind you she worked extensively with the likes of Susan Morrison, one of Scotland’s brilliant stand up comics and you can only watch and learn from the likes of her. Scotland really has produced some great female comics; Susan is a good example of that.

The Christmas lights were up and twinkled over the Victorian buildings, it was so cute! Sometimes I wish I lived in a small place instead of a big heaving city. I do love the city though.

I love being able to walk outside my front door and be in the heart of the city centre in five minutes! I have the whole of Glasgow to walk around, access to all the museums, shops, galleries and best restaurants on my door step.
When we live in London it is right behind Westminster Abbey, an awesome beautiful building with a swimming pool down stairs and the Thames at the bottom of the back garden. I am so very very lucky.

I am so looking forward to doing my stint on the Ned Sherrin show on Radio 4; he is a truly wonderful man who makes broadcasting look so easy. What a consummate professional he is, being in that studio with him watching him interview, gives me the optimum opportunity to learn from the best.

Life goes on…I need to get some Christmas shopping done. Talk tomorrow.

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