Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dentists and Journal

Dentists and Journalists….
I was at the dentists this morning, he seemed pleased to see me and always laughs as I come in and then pin myself to a wall and scream!
I pretend to be scared but honestly I really am, but as you hit 40, you really have to stop being silly.
He is taking out the black amalgam fillings at the back, creating two crowns, fitting six veneers and whitening the bottom teeth. A big fucking job, I think it may be cheaper if I just paint tipex on my yellowed old choppers.
The drilling went of for hours, I am sure he eventually reached my eye socket when he stopped. I managed to swear loudly even with my mouth fully dilated.
I left the dentists and staggered home all floppy mouthed and numb when my mobile rang, it was a journalist asking me to talk about the day John Lennon died for a feature she is doing. I could hardly talk and I think I said stuff about me burning a Christmas cake as the news hit my wee newly wed kitchen back in 1980….it wasn’t till later I re thought what I had told her and blushed a bit…A fucking Christmas cake? John Lennon dies and I fail to bake?? What the fuck was going through my head? Probably a drill had penetrated it and gave me frontal lobotomy.
I am off tomorrow to do a piece to camera for STV regarding the countdown for the year on the Hogmanay show; I am hoping my brain is ok for the job.
I have finally compiled a list for all the stuff I need to take to London, scripts for the sketch show Ashley and I have written, the film synopsis I have written with a mate, DVD’s of the play and comedy and the mini discs of the shows I have done before. I am trying to be organised.
I have so much to do…best fuck off and do it then!

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