Friday, December 30, 2005

Here comes the snow

Here comes the snow…
I had a good day today, went out for lunch with my old school pals Janette and Jean. It’s always nice to catch up with them both.
We went for lunch and walked around town and by the time we left the restaurant the snow had started to come down heavily and the town looks awesome with the twinkling lights and drifting snow flakes.
I love the snow, although I know it does kill people…well mostly old people and bad drivers, I still think it makes the city look clean and nice.
Tonight I sat at the window watching for my husband to come back from the supermarket (I hate shopping, I eat it but hate doing the hunter gatherer thing with the credit card…it bores me) anyway out in the car park people were playing snowball fights and making snow men, so I decided to get on my wellies and go join them. Ashley was screaming “Mum please get off those old velvet leggings and those wellies, you like the nutty old woman who smells of piss and cats and scares the kids”

I merely smiled and ran down the stairs….can you believe my daughter thinks there is a certain clothing etiquette for snow ball fights? How strange!
I sat beside the snow man and was unsure if he needed a snow man penis and snow balls, then husband arrived in the car and asked me why I was sitting beside a snowman.

I smiled at him and said “He loves me and I melt his heart”

“Please help me with the shopping, I have chicken” was his romantic answer.

So there we have it, there are some pictures of this I will post or go to
Check them out!

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