Monday, December 12, 2005

London is great...

I am finally rested; today I went up to Unique studio’s to record a show with John Ronson for his radio programme that airs next year. It was good fun and he is a very interesting man, he made me think a few times about my personality during the show!

Apparently pretending to have a sore kidney to get a free queue jumping pass at Disneyworld is not normal! The show was about how people cope with ‘waiting’…and in case you didn’t know I am shit at waiting, I cause chaos when forced to wait…see my blog about me sitting three hours on tarmac in Glasgow on Friday!

I sat on four tube trains today, it was relatively quite for this time of year in London, maybe its because of the time I travelled (lunchtime) or maybe people are still worried about tube travel…but it was enjoyable to have a seat in December in London on a train!

It was weird because I noticed that people watched every Asian or Middle Eastern person who were carrying a backpack…I sat beside the dark skinned man I saw, uncharacteristically for a London traveller, he showed me all the photo’s he had taken on his digital camera and we chatted. He had taken good photos of London’s landmarks.
There was a smelly/drunk/homeless man sitting near us and I always have compassion for the homeless and underprivileged (I was one for a time in my childhood) but this man STANK so badly I had my scarf around my head covering most of my face and certainly my mouth. I was sitting there dressed in black with a black scarf wrapped around me revealing only my eyes, speaking in a loud Scottish accent chatting with an Arab bloke who showed me his pictures. Everyone was looking at me!

I have a meeting tomorrow and a gig tomorrow night. So tonight I am sitting on my fat ass watching TV and chilling out.
Husband is walking around doing ‘things’. I do feel for him slightly, he really must feel out of place, being taken from his home comforts in Glasgow and travelling around the UK with me staying in hotels and swish London pads.
I think he wonders what happened to the barmaid he married, that wee girl who was going to settle in a Glasgow tenement and raise kids and keep a cat.

If someone had told me ten years ago that we would no longer be in the pub we ran for 15 years, him being my boss and me being the best sausage and chips fryer ever and that in the future he would not be working, I would be a writer and stand up comic/playwright and we would be living half our lives in hotels or in London, I would have thrown them out of my pub for being mentally disturbed…yet here we are! Strange the way things work out. I am happy though, I was never that good at frying and I fucking hated drunks.

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