Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I love being a Poste

I love being a Poster Girl…
My daughter went out last night, she doesn’t often go drinking ( that always worries me as I have an issue with booze, but must never make her paranoid about it, even though I never had problems with alcohol, I come from people who did and still do).

Anyway, she was up Curlers bar and was out partying with some guys. In the background was my face on just about every poster she could see, Curlers do comedy and she was surrounded by me from every angle. She told me that as a guy was being dirty mouthed and chatty with her…over his shoulder was my face staring at her from the comedy advertising! How cool?

I love that and am now going to insist she can only go drinking where I am the poster girl in the background.

I was looking after baby Abi last night, she stayed over and is only two years old but her rendition of Kaiser Chiefs ‘I Predict a Riot’  whilst she played with my nativity set was tear jerkingly funny.
She told me that the Blackman in the nativity set was scaring the wee ‘lady in Blue’ (Jesus’ mammy), she then made the blonde man who carries a sheep on his shoulder (who is this guy? What Blonde Swedish porn star made it to Jerusalem?) Kiss baby Jesus, who Abi declared was a girl. ‘Ith a baby girl, yeth it is” she lisped as she made Holy Mary lie beside the black man and then tried to prise the small gifts out of the hands of the King.

I laughed till my eyes hurt, her Pee Wee Herman version of the Nativity was hysterical and all set to the tunes of Kaiser Chiefs…who needs more than that? Fucking gig of the century in my eyes. We went round to the Bistro to see some mates and Dante was there, it was good to see him as he has been on tour with his rock band El Presidente, he laughed out loud at Abi singing Greenday and Kaiser Chiefs as well and declared the baby one of the best lead rock singers under three and we cheered and Abi took a bow! How professional of her…hang on she was getting too much attention and to be honest that’s my job.

Unfortunately she had to go home as her mummy wants her back, to be honest she made me laugh so much I wanted to keep her.

Today I am just getting Christmas presents put away and the house organised.

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