Friday, May 04, 2007

Southport and beyond…

Sorry I have been missing in action, I have been gigging in the hot sun of the UK.
Things have been so hot here, I was off to seaside town of Southport in England the other day working and the place is LOVELY, so nice except the beach had miles upon miles of sand and the water is so far out, to reach it was like walking to Ireland!

Then husband decided that on the way back from England we dropped off in the Lake District before we headed up to Scotland. The Lakes are truly beautiful and in the basking sun it beats any world wide resort. We headed up into the mountain route and stopped off in a wee pub that is nestled in the carved out hills and took in the awesome view.

It was so serene, wee sheep trotted about and suddenly this huge ear popping roar descended through the valley and I screamed and hit the ground, sheep ran into fences and trees shook as a huge UK Air force war plane screamed above our heads and twirled about looking like a black triangular enemy space craft from Star Wars.
I almost shit myself, my ears were ringing and my nose bled!
What the fuck does that mean?

How can such a beautiful place have to be destroyed by screeching horrid war planes? I asked the barman of the wee hilltop pub what the hell is going on and he told me “They use this place to train and its killing tourism in the area, Beatrix Potter is huge round here and people come from all over the world to visit her home and then leave hysterical at the loud noise and never come back”

Another reason to hate Tony Blair as far as I am concerned, I want him to fuck off to America at the first chance and I hope the next UK Prime Minister stops war planes giving nose bleeds to lambs and tourists in the Lakes.

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