Sunday, May 27, 2007

Coney Island and the insect bites…

I am 46 and staying out to 5am to go partying is not a good idea as far as I am concerned. I hung out with friends and ended up catching a cab at dawn, the view of Manhattan and the sun rise was just worth the late night.

I had four hours sleep then got up and went off to Coney Island with John my manager and we were meeting up with Andrew J Lederer, he is a New York comic and lovely all round guy.

Coney Island is awesomely tacky and wonderfully cheap looking with ancient rides and amazing architecture. The beach is clean and the sun was hot as hell. I thought I was going to DIE; I actually sat in the shade and went grumpy. I looked at my legs and noticed I have been bitten to bits by nasty insects in NY…bastards! I have lumpy bumpy shins now.

I got really hungry, yet the only thing on sale in Coney Island is deep fried hot lard, I was so annoyed that I ended up shouting at John. Then Andrew showed up and we walked along to Brighton Beach where we went into a great Russian restaurant and had fine food…and it was air conditioned.

I don’t know what I was expecting in Coney Island? Salad? The place only does hot dogs! I need to stop assuming people will change their environment to suit me.

Meanwhile the sun battered down and shade was thin on the ground, I ended up on the beach under a huge umbrella and finally made a mad dash and jumped into the ocean, which was so cooling and cold I wanted to become a fish to escape the constantly scorching sun.

I am a moany cow, I finally get the most beautiful beach, the best weather and all I do is whinge and bitch.
The upside is Andrew J Lederer the US comic did give us a wonderful guided tour of the beach area, pointing out interesting buildings and giving us a really informed history of the area. If you want you can check his blog and really good page on

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