Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fighting and bitching…

I sat there on the sofa and chatted to husband, it was one of my long funny anecdotes, it’s a really funny story and you had to be there to laugh at it. I looked at husband when I was in full flow and he was completely ignoring me and watching telly.
“You don’t listen to me ever!” I shouted.

“Yes I do, I have heard this story before but you insist on telling it all over again” he snapped back.

“I hate you and I like telling a funny story and you repeat lots of your shite and I listen with interest as if I need to hear it again” I shouted.

“Well you should tell me to shut up, maybe we shouldn’t ever talk because after 27 years we must have heard everything we ever need to say to each other, and by the way I DO LISTEN – you know that wee voice you have in your own head that tells you to go pee, or go eat, or you must remember to do up your flies? THAT’S been replaced by your voice, I don’t have my own voice in my head” he screamed at me.

“Really my voice has replaced your in your head?” I smirked.

“Yes, I hear your voice constantly” he said.

“What is it telling you know?” I enquired.

“It’s telling me to tell you to fuck off” he laughed.

Well at least I have accomplished something- he hears my voice all the time….deed done.

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