Friday, May 25, 2007

The Heat in NY…

It is stifling here and I cannot believe that all the clothes I have packed are useless and I am walking around Manhattan in my sloppy pyjamas, as these are the coolest clothes I own. I feel like a homeless person.

Mind you down in the Bowery where I performed my play and comedy, there was a tall slinky black man dressed as a woman but sporting a full beard, so I am normal in comparison.

The accent barrier is not an issue, but I always seem to go into shops and get served by some poor person with a speech impediment. I asked for REGULAR tea and the young woman with the cross eyes repeated this back to me as ‘BEBULAR’ tea and I stood there and laughed and that means I am going straight to hell.

It took ages for us to agree on the ‘regular’ tea issue and by the time I got it outside I was falling about laughing, now I know I am bad…but I couldn’t stop laughing as I thought it was ME who was saying it wrong.

So the play ‘The Point of Yes’ went spectacularly well in spite of me assuming the accent would ruin the dialogue. I was so pleased with the show and my comedy show Good Godley! Was just a joy to do in the Bleecker Street Theatre.

There were small audiences but there was one woman from Glasgow there and she made the show even better. How awesome was that?

I sat in Central Park and watched the Off Broadway Soft Ball teams compete and it was just wonderful, the heat is searing but my pyjamas kept me cool.
I think I may wear my pyjamas forever, very liberating, but I might start shaving my chin in case I turn into the bearded lady.

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