Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Bugs scare me…

New York has the biggest crawly bugs I have ever seen. Standing in the street in flip flops I looked down and there running towards my foot was a big reddish cockroach, so I screamed like a girl.

In the apartment where I am staying, I saw another huge bug scuttle behind my suitcase, so therefore I had to take the whole thing apart and check Buggy McBastard hadn’t decided to live in my knickers and come home to Scotland with me.

I leave NY tomorrow morning at 5am…and head back to London.

I have had such an awesome time here in New York, though the heat has been debilitating. During the day it is so fucking hard to walk around as the sun burns you to the bone and the humidity makes you sweat more than a blind lesbian in a fish factory.

I am exhausted and missing my family. Though catching up with some old mates here in New York has been wonderful. I used to come over here in 1999, so I have pals from the past. That has been cool.

I am sure husband is enjoying the peace and quiet although from what I can gather Ashley is making extreme demands on his time. She really is a daddy’s girl. When I tried to call him she butted in about fourteen times and we gave up even trying to have a conversation.

I have been writing my weekly column from New York for The Scotsman newspaper, where I have a page on a Monday.
The highlights of my trip were performing at The Green Room on Bleecker St and going to Washington Square to listen to the wonderful buskers. It has been great.

I think when I go home I will take husband away for a couple of days and spend time with him; it’s been so long since we got to have a decent argument uninterrupted.

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