Monday, May 14, 2007

New York and brain bleeds

My nephew Shaun who is ten years old fell and banged his head. Poor wee soul had a brain bleed and was rushed to hospital. I was so worried about him and went I went up for a visit; he was in no pain and was in a private ward getting all the attention from the nurses. Thanks nice nurses in Glasgow, he fine and well and home again.

Meanwhile I flew off to Belfast for my one woman show. The rain battered the cobbled Irish streets and yet people queued in the lashing rain and the show sold out.

Belfast was awesome and it looked and felt a bit like Glasgow, I was fascinated with the place and have vowed to go back and spend more than one night and actually get to see the place.

By the way I found a great apartment in New York thanks to Ivan my mate in London who knew and woman who rents out her place….I am so excited all I need now is an UPGRADE on the VIRGIN flight from London to New York…any people out there good at that task? Please? I will kiss your toes!

Ashley and I fly to London this weekend; I am taking part in the Groucho gang show and then am off to the BAFTA TV awards on the Sunday. Ashley and I always have such a great time and I can’t wait to spend time with her.

Thanks for all who helped me try to get a flat in NY…I love ya…and if you live there come and see me my one woman play The Point of Yes at the Green Room on Bleecker St on the 23rd of May and my one woman award winning comedy show Good Godley! On the 24th of May

Virgin flight upgrade? Anyone?

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