Saturday, July 01, 2006

All Going Good…so far

Well the first night of Soho Theatre gig was good and the second night was awesome, if I say so myself. I love talking about this blog and the people who came to the shows enjoyed talking about blogs, coz I did ask them!
It was nice to see people like Howard come back ( Howard and his wife have been to see all my shows at Soho and Cochrane theatre) and he brought along his friends and family, they are such a cool bunch of people who basically pay to hear me swear a bit and chat, yet keep coming back! How nice is that?
So here I am at 7-3am, sitting in a beautiful sunlit room in Chelsea. I am getting ready to get a cab to the Jenny Éclair radio show, then dash off to the BBC studio’s to interview Jo Frost the ‘Supernanny’ from TV for the BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends show.
Husband is lying fast asleep on the bed and snoring gently, I never saw much of him yesterday as he was out with friends.
After the gig last night I went along to Groucho club and the lovely snazzy Bernie had a disco night! I was dancing…been fucking ages but Bernie who works at Groucho is the sparkiest dude in the world and always makes me smile. He is the kinda guy who you know has come into a room even if you cant see him, you FEEL him…big vibes of fun!
Was later joined by Brendon Burns, whom I love dearly and we had a good old natter before I caught a cab home. So I was out late and am tired but ready for another day. I love London and hope England win at football today.
On another note, talking about the blog made me realise that people put there do read this, and I feel disconnected to them which in turn has made me reveal myself more to their anonymous ears, and that has been so very good for me.
Blogging is the new therapy!
Thanks everyone for being there and sharing this with me, you made me have a show for Edinburgh this year!

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