Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fun in Oxford…

Last night at Jongleurs I had a great time, I do really love their audiences. A lot of comics hate the clubs (although they work there and complain about the corporate feel to the gigs) I love ‘em.
Every other club I have worked serve food, serve hen parties and cater with music and does comedy, not all of them look after you and pay you like Jongleurs. The company NEVER tell me what to say, what NOT to say, they give me a stage and cash and food and let me have fun. I have worked at other clubs out - with Jongleurs who have told me when I can work and what I can say and they called themselves independent socialist type comedy ethical clubs! (Fucking irony of that!) Anyway my point was… I do love the clubs most of the time and Oxford is exceptionally good beyond belief!
I took along Stephen from the magical QI club (the place I did my one woman show Good Godley! on Thursday).
He seemed to enjoy his Jongleurs experience and we headed back to QI for drinks afterwards. Then I decided to stay out all night and party…well I say party I fell asleep in a strange bed and got up this morning, I cannot wear my knickers two days in a row, so I took them, had a quick wash and stuffed the panties in my handbag, and got the train back to my friends place in the countryside (Small thatched cottage type village where I am staying)…honestly I was the ‘racy’ one this morning, arriving with dishevelled hair and dirty pants in my bag, smoking a fag getting out of a taxi outside the beautiful 14th Century church as the bells tolled and people in pale green linen walked to Sunday Service.

The sun shone and roses grew round doors, horses clipped clopped with teenagers dressed to kill …foxes… trotted along the bridle path, the wee shop that is dedicated to jam making had people outside it staring at me in horror because I swore into my mobile and flicked a fag butt near an ancient grave stone…I did pick it up I DO NOT LITTER…I was trying to do three things at once, paying for a cab and smoking and talking is difficult.
I am the talk of the place, I wasn’t wearing linen and I can’t bake quiche and strangely I am the only person in a fifteen mile radius who can get a signal on my mobile….its sorcery! They are building a wicker man as I speak!
I had fun and am tired. Speak soon.

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