Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stressful Day indeed…

I had a really vivid dream about my cousin Sammy who had died in 2000 of heroin addiction. I was chatting to him in the dream and my emotions were shattered, to actually see him again and hear his voice shook me to the core. I woke up and wandered into the living room to tell husband about it. He was absorbed in a computer issue and told me to ‘just stop dreaming then’ this really freaked me and we ended arguing about a dead mans conversation! I sat there fuming at his dismissive attitude, I saw an eraser on the floor and threw it really hard at husbands head and it bounced off his head and hit the ceiling! After about twenty minutes we finally stopped fighting and made up.
Then I got a call from London and found out an old friend who was in her 60’s had died. This made me incredibly sad; she was a nice lady and has left many friends behind to grieve.
Later that day one of my siblings called and told me that they were having a huge emotional breakdown, now its not very often I even begin to exercise any form of ‘holding back’ the details, but I have to as they ask me not to say, so that’s as far as that can go.
I came home and felt like my world was going mental, I have realised that me whingeing about doing shows at Edinburgh is fuck all to what some people are going through tonight. So here I sit with a healthy husband, wickedly healthy daughter and happy family. I am all good and hope that you are as well.

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