Friday, July 07, 2006

Oxford and wee flies…

So I made it to Swaylcliffe, I am not sure how to spell it, but that’s how it sounds. It is just near Banbury-near Oxford. I did a lovely gig last night at QI club in Oxford, the place is divine and wonderful and the food is amazing. Monica and her sister and a mate came along and watched Good Godley! (My show) and we had a really nice night.
Monica sister lives here and that’s why we are in Swaylcliffe, the house is a big L shaped converted barn with a real thatched roof and roses round the door. The only draw back is the amount of tiny wee flies that come and descend on your entire body when you step outside; it’s like a fucking plague.
I am not used to the countryside or the amount of wee tweeting birds and whistle constantly.
Tonight I am doing Jongleurs Oxford and when I saw the town last night I was gob smacked, honestly the architecture is breathtakingly beautiful. I am loving my wee sabbatical country retreat; though finally getting the internet was cool.
I waited till the house was empty and against all the rules ( I am a rebel) I figured out how to wire up the broadband. You see the house is being re decorated and everything is upside down and I was advised not to touch electrical stuff, but I DID IT! Hurrah…may get electrocuted any minute but fuck it I have finally reached the world! You get no signal on your mobile phone or anything here.
So till tomorrow….

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