Saturday, July 29, 2006

Barcelona is Brilliant…

I am absolutely stunned at the architecture here, Gaudi made his mark, like some drug crazed amphetamine stumped toddler with a box of crayons and bundle of bricks and some ceramics, he went mental and I LOVE IT.
The colours and textures are breath taking and the street lamps are just awesome. I know I am a bore…but I am in heaven here.
The back of my brain is telling me that I need to be getting ready for the biggest festival in Edinburgh of my entire LIFE…but I cannot drag myself away from these buildings and this culture to even focus on anything and somewhere that is doing me the power of spiritual good. To be here in Catalonia and breathing in this place is like life blood to me, I dreamed of this place when I was a child and here I am!
I sat on the beach yesterday in my bra and shorts, as I don’t posses a bikini, and I swam in the ferocious waves as they crashed into the sand, minute pieces of shredded sand glimmered all over my body, it looks like I had rubbed myself with a glitter ball! The sand is silver!
I played football with very young fit Catalonian guys, who cheered every time I kept the ball up with my feet and performed forgotten football tricks from my younger days (I was a very good footballer for a girl- that was before I grew these tits!)

The gig went fabulous at the Dubliner pub, a small but friendly Irish bar, and then a wee ancient man who had sat in the front row and never laughed once at me got up and played the guitar and sang almost every song I carry in my IPOD – from Leonard Cohen to Eagles, he knew the lot. I left there at 4am and went to the beach front with one of the regulars called Sam.
We sat in a cafĂ© drinking bitter coffee chatting and watched the sun rise. As the sun came over the darkened beach, illuminating it slowly - like a torch whose battery was waning and revealed couples fighting, fucking and singing on the sand–it was like a dark mystical cloak had slowly been slithered across the landscape towards the sky- a perverted magic trick just for us! How cool?

I then started slowly walking back to the apartment and saw every Gaudi piece of art and architecture light up in the dawn, not many people around, just me staring at buildings in a magical light show. I saw the occasional street cleaner stopping for a cigarette watching me -watching stuff.
I fell asleep at 10am and was awakened by the loudest bangs that I have ever heard and I have heard building fall and gunshots- this fucking noise was horrific! Turns out it was a wedding letting off fire works. Holy Cow, what a start to married life- having your eardrums bust- well I suppose that’s stops them from hearing each other and that marriage may work well!

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