Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stress and madness…

Yesterday there was no way I could write my blog, I was way too stressed.
This is what happened. I had designed my posters for Edinburgh Fringe and I went round to the printers to check everything was cool to go ahead for print job to begin. The young Aussie guy who works there called Travis, sat me down with a really concerned face (this made me feel sick, there are only twelve days to go before Fringe starts) He told me the poster images are too small to be enlarged enough to be made into posters. The main images were fine as small adverts and flyers but there was no way they would stretch, I hadn’t been told this weeks ago, when frankly I would had enough time to re-create pictures and images to a bigger DPI. I was so upset I walked out and cried in the street, called my husband and ran home. After a few frantic phone calls I managed to go back to the printers and sit there until 9pm with Travis as he re-scanned, re-photographed and re-set the images and all the text to higher resolution, enough for me to get up to A3 at least. My blog poster is being redesigned in London by Steve Ullathorne, he originally took my photos and he is a great designer. So after a big drama, all is sorted.
I then sat down to dinner, Ashley and I were munching into a huge salad when Ashley screamed and threw down her fork and ran from the table, there was a big green wriggly grub dancing through her lettuce. So that was dinner trashed no more salad for me.
If that was not enough fucking drama, I began to realise that I haven’t had a period in ages, had I had one since New Zealand? Am I pregnant? If I am pregnant did it happen in New Zealand? Husband suggested!
I never had sex in New Zealand and husband wasn’t with me….fuck what does that mean? So do I have to consider abortion before the Edinburgh Fringe? Can I schedule an abortion that quick? Do I want an abortion? What is going on?
I worried and cried and spent the whole day feeling nauseous, am I going to be sick all the time? Can I afford another baby?
After all that fucking stress, I slept today with a nasty headache, and woke up with my period! Hurrah!
So there we have it, I need to go rehearse my play. I am getting stress about that now and my tummy hurts.
By the way am so proud that the comedy video my daughter Ashley made on Bush and Blair on Livedigital has gone to the top TEN making it one of the most watched video’s amongst thousands on that site….she is so funny, I love her.

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