Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lazy Sunday

Murder Accusation Update at End of Blog…

Last night was so busy; the gig was rammed and hot but great fun. Later on Ashley and I then did a ‘double act fight club’ at SPANK! She got to shout back at me after me slagging her off on my act for years…it was fun! She swore really loudly and that disturbed me no end, as despite me having a nasty tongue, I have never wanted to hear her swear at me.

Was having a lovely long lie this morning when fifteen resplendent Bagpipers stood outside my window on our flat on the Royal Mile and fucking bagpiped really loudly, that shit is only good when it’s on another hill in the distance. Ashley sat up with black panda eyes and pushed up her window and SCREAMED at them to FUCK OFF! That’s my girl, sometimes I like her swearing!

Got a lovely review in The Mail on Sunday and am critics choice in The Sunday Herald!

Breast lump hurts but I suppose that’s ok and is getting it checked again this week.

Every poster I have up on the streets have been covered over constantly by the biggest names on the Fringe who are reportedly ‘selling out more than ever’ so why do they need that many posters up and taxi’s covered in their image? Is that not a waste of time/paper and money? I can understand at the start of the fringe when their GIGANTIC posters go up, but to keep up the campaign despite ‘selling out’ do they need to keep pasting over all the other sites? This is NOT a rant at said acts as I know they have no fucking idea of where or who puts them up, but just a general gripe! Grrrrrr….

Murder Accusation Update…
Him-“Can you please not ask me today as now 35 people have stopped me and asked me if I killed that man!”

Me-“Ok seeing as its Sunday I will let you off with murder”

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