Tuesday, August 30, 2005

End of the Fringe!

Sorry I was gone so long, my pc was screwed and I was ill. The last nights of the festival were awesome, not only did a woman win the Perrier, but she was completely unknown and did great character sketch stuff, pissing everyone else off because she does not do ‘stand up’. Good on her I say! It was funny to listen to all the ‘BOYS’ who thought they had been robbed. At the Perrier party I met Nica who runs the awards and she commiserated that I never got a nomination but told me I was in the final 10… (They have been saying that for the past three years to me! I don’t know if that makes me happy or sad yet!).

I also have a nasty cough and chest infection, Ashley is ill and we are so glad to be home. I have filmed my gig and have it on mini disc also so it should be going on my website soon, I hope!

I had great fun and I still don’t know if ‘you know who’ killed the man who killed my mother…so that maybe an ongoing saga by all accounts.
I am currently writing a new play and it’s got me all excited, it’s a serious play and it should be going into rehearsal soon as I wrote it last night and have booked the space to try it out. No doubt it will need lots of reshaping but that’s the good part about the whole writing process. I am so happy to be doing something different from comedy for a wee change.
Talk soon…Janey.

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