Friday, February 01, 2008

On the Road again

I flew to London last Tuesday; sorry my blog has been so bloody late but have been so busy and incredibly tired beyond belief. Though am still on the diet, killing me no end is my lack of chocolate!

London was great as usual, I do love it. Stayed at the awesome Crown Lawn apartments who always look after me wonderfully and the place is just palatial. I was working on a TV thing that I can’t really discuss as yet, as it probably will all fall apart at the final hurdle, but it was intense and great work.

I was also very chuffed to find out I won BEST PERFORMER by the Fringe Report website and I am down in London soon for the award ceremony, I am very touched that out of all the comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe, they chose me! How cool?

I had to get up early today and get on a train from London to Leicester as I am gigging here for two nights at Jongleurs comedy club. The train almost got cancelled as there has been a crash north of Leicester but it all worked out.

I am currently living out of a suitcase and really miss my own bed, my own man (that sounds like I have a replacement man, but I really fucking don’t, though wouldn’t that be a good idea? Probably not, he would most likely annoy me to death) and I miss Ashley of course.

I miss just chatting with her and the busier my life becomes, the less I get to see of her and that kind of kills me. Husband copes well, he is cool about it and fuck knows how I would feel if he wasn’t. He knows this is my job, but I sometimes wonder if he gets pissed off, though he would never say.

I still haven’t found a decent frock to go to the BAFTA awards in yet; everything makes me look fat and old. I really must lose weight or I need to start wearing leggings and stretchy sports wear as that’s all that’s going to fucking fit soon.

Am getting well up for my big gig at The Garage in Glasgow on March 6th, do come along if you fancy seeing my award winning comedy show?

Speak soon, am off to sleep and to dream of chocolate covered sexy men.

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