Sunday, February 24, 2008

Glasgow, London and Me

I had such a great time being the compere at Glasgow Jongleurs over the past weekend. The acts had a good time and the audiences loved the shows.
But last night (Saturday) as I stood on stage I noticed a wee red light in the back of the room shining every time I was onstage and I realised I was being secretly filmed!

It’s not legal to film comics onstage, I don’t like it as people can easily tape you, upload it onto their PC and send it round the internet. I like to control what is seen as it represents me.

Standing on stage I spotted it and shouted to the bouncers “That guy on the back balcony is taping me can someone go check it” and sure enough they showed me his phone and he had about six three minute clips of me. So I explained they had to be deleted. The guy was ok about it and to be honest he could have been thrown out for taping me, I told him to go to my website and he can see comedy clips of me there.

People watched me chatting to him and I think they thought I was being a wee tad over the top, but this is how I make a living and you really should get permission to tape people. He could easily have manipulated the footage and made me appear naked onstage with George Clooney in a photo-shop way…hang on, I would like that!

That aside it was great night and audience members told me they were coming to see me at The Garage on March 6th on my one woman show. So that was good news.

I am off to London tomorrow night to pick up my Fringe Report Award for Best Performer and am all excited.

By the way I have lost ten pounds on my diet, I have been very strict and at last my knickers fit me!

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