Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Janey, You Talk Too Much

All my life people have told me ‘Janey, you talk too much’. Like from my mum when I was child and my mum let me chat to Mr Simmons our neighbour and I told him a big story about how my dog has fleas and how my mum connects her own electricity whilst standing on a chair in the hallway and how we got evicted and I got sit on our sofa on the pavement outside our close.

“You talk too much” she shouted and dragged me indoors.

Like when my dad took me fishing at six years old and I met two men on the river bank and asked them if they were married to each other, because in my naïve childlike head that would have been possible and the two men told me they weren’t married but they lived together and loved each other, and I went and told my dad this really loudly and he said to me “You talk too much, now be quiet”

Like the time I used to stand behind our bar and chat to the customers and my in-laws would say “She talks too much” to my husband, who incidentally always backed me up and loved me talking.

All my life “Janey shut up” and now I have won an award from The Fringe Report in London as Best Performer at the Fringe…all because I talk too much.

People pay me to talk now! How cool is that? I am very excited and will be in London on 25th February at the Arts Theatre to pick up my much adored award.

Thank you Fringe Report…I love talking too much!

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