Friday, March 07, 2008

My Gig

The opening night of the Glasgow Comedy Festival was awesome. My one woman show was heaving with people and it was heartening to see so many comedy fans turn up for the show. John Smeaton (The Glasgow airport hero) introduced me onstage and it was a lovely reception.

I also got to meet the amazingly funny Dwight Slade who was backstage, not only is he just a wonderful guy but I am so in awe of his comedy that I am going to his show tonight at Oran Mor.

I got some lovely messages from audience members who came along last night; they sent lovely comments to my blogs and website.

I love doing comedy to a home crowd and it’s not very often I get the chance and this was the best gig for e of the entire year. Thanks Glasgow.

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Gig was great! Just seen Youtube of you and Craig Hill... didn't realise you were such a singer (apart from the Wummin being dumped singing)....
You should throw a few songs into the act!!!