Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cold and Frosty in Glasgow

Yes, Glasgow is cold and frosty, yet the sun shines! I am so glad to be home.

Ashley had cleaned the house for my arrival as her and her dad live like students when I am gone and use every single dish, pot and plate in the kitchen over a three day period.

I haven’t unpacked my suitcase as I am too fucking tired and lazy.

On arrival in Glasgow I went straight to bed for a lie down as I haven’t been sleeping due to this recent spate of nightmares. Finally I dozed off in my own bed, it was bliss but I was awoken by my own voice on BBC Radio 4. I forgot that last night I was on ‘Just a Minute’ radio show and we always leave the radio on in the bedroom.

It was strange hearing myself as I lay there in the dark and I always cringe because I worry I am about to say something terribly unfunny or awkward.

But it seemed to go ok and afterwards I got loads of emails from people who had listened to the show, they must have googled me and decided to either leave a message on my guest book or write me a nice note. That was cool!

I am home for a wee bit. My one woman show at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival is this week and I am excited.

So this is a short blog, but at least a happy one!

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