Sunday, March 04, 2007

Moving on…

I have had a really exciting week. Tickets are selling well for my one woman show Janey Godley Live! At Garage on March 8th as part of the Glasgow Comedy festival and secondly I got offered my own weekly column in the Scotsman Newspaper.

I am over the moon and so looking forward to being a real proper journalist!
I have written for the Scotsman a few times before and they have been so supportive, it really is a quality UK paper.

My dad is very proud of me and I really want to go and find Miss Miller my old school teacher who encouraged me to write when I was ten. She always told me that I told great stories and she instilled so much confidence into my soul that I really felt good about myself at probably the most difficult time in my life.
I was being regularly sexually abused at that time.

Good teachers do make all the difference to young people.

On another note last night in Portsmouth as me and the other comics came out of the comedy club, we all gaped up at the moon…it was so round and pink it hung in the sky like a balloon…it was awesome and then we realised it was the lunar eclipse. I have never seen it look so beautiful and rounded like that, we all just stood and stared upwards.

I fly home today from Southampton so I must get off this laptop and go catch a train to the airport…byeeee.

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