Friday, March 02, 2007

Good Days …

“Auntie Janey, I can see the moon and the sun….look” pointed baby Abi as I walked her home in the late afternoon light.
“How can I see both?” she asked.

“Well it’s because the time of year and the light I think, I am not very sure Abi am sure Ashley will know because she is cleverer than me, so we will go ask her soon” I smiled.

Abi stopped walking and looked at me and said “But she’s just your baby, she can’t know more than you” the wee three year old toddler looked shocked that an adult would have to ask their child for an answer.

“Ashley isn’t a baby she is nearly 21 years old, that makes her an adult” I explained. She still looked confused so I got off the subject of explaining Ashley’s age.

“Ok then I will ask you, why do you think we can see the moon and the sun at the same time, you are a clever girl you tell me then?” I spoke to her wee open face and huge brown eyes.

Abi thought for a moment and looked up at the pale grey distant moon that was peeking out behind the clouds and then shifted her head to look at the late wintry sun on the other end of the sky and said “I can see both because they wanted me to see them and they came out so I would look at them”

I laughed out loud and agreed, the moon and the sun wanted Abi to look at them at the same time…she is right! Why would the world exist if a toddler couldn’t look at it?

I miss having a wee toddlers look on the world, it never stops making me laugh.

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