Thursday, March 08, 2007

It’s Official…

The Scotsman Newspaper called me last week and offered me my own column. I am so excited and scared…what if I am a shit writer…I know this blog is popular but I might be crap.

I went through to Edinburgh for the photo session as I needed a new picture for the head of the column. I was so tired and I had to wear my hair in rollers and actually travel in the car with scary rollers stuck in my head. By the time I got to Edinburgh I had a sore nippy head full of jaggy rollers and managed to put enough make up on to cover the huge spot on my top lip.

So the photo came out ok, and my first column is this coming Monday, I will be in London and miss the bloody thing unless I can find an international newsvendor.

Monica and I are going to celebrate on Monday night as I am in London for business for only one day.

On another note, I have eight kids aged 13 to 15 for two afternoons a week.
Ashley and I teach them film making tips and basic camera work, also some comedy and confidence skills.
I love them all so much and today we had a real sharing time. We got to talk about stuff that matters and witnessing them supporting each other through hard times is life affirming
I love watching them do comedy, characterisations and stand up….and they are my wee bunch of stars and I will hate letting them go next week when it ends.

So this blog is dedicated to my happy bunch of Glasgow Kids…you make me smile.

See you all next week in the Scotsman.

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