Monday, March 19, 2007

Blogging on a Monday…

Standing in front of a huge bunch of 13 year old kids and a hall full of students was not the ideal location for my Monday afternoon.
The McEwen Hall in Edinburgh played host to the election debate and I was the comedy warm up.

I was slightly worried that my comedy would either go right over their heads and alienate the younger people OR my comedy was just frightening everyone.

Turns out it all went fabulously well, everyone laughed and then the debate began and all was well in Godley world.

I have to say listening to politicians waffle for a while can be brain numbing and I was amazed at the patience of the people, maybe with my comedy upbringing I need punchline-laugh-interesting story-punchline-laugh-funny observation ….
I could hardly bear to listen to the running around the subject and never getting to the point type chit chat…that’s so fucked up.

I had that screaming urge to just get up and shout “For fucksake answer the question and stop wittering” I never did that but the urge was positively Tourette’s Syndrome-ish for me.

I am still so happy about my Scotsman column, or should I say ‘page’…I get the whole bleeding page and its great fun!
I the readers are enjoying it as much as I am writing it.

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