Saturday, March 10, 2007

Glasgow Comedy Festival

Well my one woman show at the Garage was wonderful and thanks to everyone who came along. The room was great and the audience were really cool. I love being onstage and today I got my review in The Scotsman my favourite quote from that review said ‘Truly inspired’ how awesome?

The write up was wonderful and I am so glad he enjoyed my work.

Last night Ashley and I took to the stage in Blackfriars for our Sketch Show “Square Street”, you cannot begin to imagine how amazing it is to be onstage with my daughter making a sell out room laugh….just the best feeling ever!

Ashley has a great sense of comic timing and I laugh my ass of at her when I am onstage with her!
This week has been very busy, I had the vomits again (turns out I have a virus and not a pregnancy) and I had a live radio show, a TV appearance and a live show all in one day with a throat that hurt as I had been throwing up what felt like dry bricks all night.

I am off to London on Monday and today I woke up (this is Saturday) and I was convinced it was Sunday for some obscure reason! I got up and started packing until husband asked me why I was getting ready to leave so bloody early!

I have lost a day somewhere along this week….what made me think it was Sunday? I don’t know!

If anyone can find the day I lost and told me what happened to it, I would be grateful.

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