Sunday, May 28, 2006

Leaving Wellington….

Well that was fun, I loved Wellington. We were there for two whole weeks; sorry the blog was late but having a migraine was a bastard to deal with. My season at Downstage was amazing, I got really good ticket sales –great reviews and made good friends with Tibald the theatre cat, I am happy.
Wellington was a bit like an episode of ‘Lost’ with all the local comics taking the central roles from the show.
Local comics made us so welcome-David the Jew was the wee English drug addict character, who provided me with serious painkilling drugs, he was all hyper and funny, his comedy style is so far out there at times I am sure the Late Great Malcolm Hardee (Godfather of alternative comedy in UK) would enjoy David’s madness; Noor was Syeed, all broody and sexy Arab-like and very funny onstage, Cori was the Sawyer character-the guy you cannot truly trust though he did keep us all together, he was hysterical with his wry songs and dry humour ( and a keen constant observant eye on Ashley but maybe not in a fatherly helpful way therefore he must die-shame we liked him as well…JOKING…hehhehehe) and Steve was the trustworthy doctor Jack, providing us with a good sense of security and making the stage a great place to come onto, he is a wonderfully funny comic. T.J is a very funny stand up, unfortunately he is too skinny to be Hurley (the fat bloke from Lost) but none the less a great person to share a stage with.
The people who run Downstage Theatre are invisible and were never seen by me or my daughter, I know they exist but I don’t know who they are, a bit like the people who control the Island in Lost!
Of course ‘Blanket-man’ is that dude down the hole!
So there we have it, so we are here in Wellington airport, praying that the flight out is not anywhere as scary as the flight coming in. Wellington airport has a runway the size of a garden path in Hobbiton. You literally land with a bump and your ovaries smack the insides of your inner ear, please please let the take off be easier.
So Auckland here we come….Goodbye Wellington, great memories and Tibald the Cat will forever stay in my heart. It was strange I never met the theatre organisers but Tibald was there every night that my show was on, he sat in the foyer and walked me through to the dressing room, sat beside me until it was time to take the stage….so maybe Tibald actually runs Downstage theatre. He is the main guy behind the scenes and you know what? He is good at it!
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