Friday, May 26, 2006

Headaches and Terror…

I have now had a headache for 27 hours, I was panicking last night as the show was booked out good and my head is pounding like a big nail has been hammered into the side of my head. I managed to go on stage and have a really cool gig, but I am scared inside as even when I sleep this fucking pain pulsates. If I move my head too quick my vision gets blurred! I am gonna die!
I woke up to the small angry dwarves in my head banging nails and smiled through the pain as I got a great review in The Dominion Post (Wellington’s big broadsheet) I will summarise it for you.
“There are times of silence that only a pin drop could punctuate. This is what makes Godley compelling, she is naturally funny”
So I am happy, I just want this pain to disappear soon as I have another busy night and it’s hard when the stage lights blind me and make the pain sear further into my brain.
I hope I don’t have a brain tumour, I know that sounds paranoid, but I am scared.
Speak soon. Send me painkilling vibes?

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