Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good Godley! Finally opens in Wellington…

Yes, it did and I am so chuffed it went great, I had a really full house and loads of people laughed in all the right places. I was so nervous at first, but I did it and Ashley taped it for me. A guy actually asked me to do a ‘tumble’ on stage and I did! I forgot I had a hairclip in and that jagged me head.
Also, I got a note at the theatre, a guy called Robert contacted me to say he saw me on telly in NZ and he knew me when I had the pub 12 years ago. I knew him well, I was so surprised to find out he had moved to Wellington, Robert was a 22 year old dude who drank in my bar, he remembered Ashley when she was eight years old….was he in for a surprise!
Anyway Robert came to meet us and took us to meet his lovely wife and two wee cute kids, Jimmy and Mary (Good Scottish names!). It was so nice to see a face from my past…..still cannot believe he is all grown up and lives in NZ! He used to live in the Calton.
We went up to Victoria Point and you could see all over Wellington from this beautiful vantage point. It was breathtakingly beautiful.
I met ‘Blanket-man’ on my way to the theatre tonight as I went to do my show. Blanket-man is a big Rasta haired dark skinned man who is naked but for a pair of very un-sexy pants, he sits on the streets of Wellington drinking and shouting at passers by. I shared my pre show sandwich with him and chatted for a wee bit. People looked at me oddly as I sat with him; he is a cool crazy man whom I like. Sometimes to know a place fully you have to meet the people other avoid.
I now have another insect bite, this one is under my chin and getting redder by the fucking minute….Beasties hate me…
I am tired and off to bed, my latest video blog is going to Livedigital tomorrow, or as soon as I can load it up as NZ is a third world country as far as the web is concerned. It takes ages to do stuff as the service fluctuates. (read fluctuates as fucked).

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